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Swivel Receptacle + Surge Protection 08-038

Swivel Wall Tap
  • 6 Swivel Outlets, turn to the using direction
  • Direct Plug-in for easy using with 125V working voltage
  • With Surge protection and indicator light
  • Phone/Fax, Network, Coaxial Protection - Optional


  • With Surge protection indicator light, enhance Safety identification level, easily aware of product working situation.
  • It’s optional for Phone/Fax, Network, Coaxial Protection, give you more safer life.


  • Just plug-in, from 1 or 2 outlets change to 6 Swivel Outlets with 125V working voltage, do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient outlet.
  • For swivel outlet, can turn to the using direction simply for share more outlets to other electronic equipment, not only can rise the outlets utility but also the swivel structure can decrease electric fire happen. ( which may caused by the wire joint twisted when electronic device use in different direction.)
  • Combined with Phone/Fax, Network, Coaxial (optional) together, only need one wall tap, then can reach your protection and utility purpose, not by buying 3 or 4 protection devices to do it.


  • 08-038 is compact, strong, can fit in any place, you can use your laptop, mobile, camera battery charging and other electronic devices in same time and also share with others. 
  • 08-038 has US Patented design. Only in Rite-Tech

 * US Patented design


 Model no.   08-038
 Color  Customization
 Material of  Construction  Plastic
 Surge Protection  Yes - max. 2100 Joules Rating
 Voltage  125 Vac
 UL 1449 VPR  6MS to 6MS:L-N 400V, L-G 500V, N-G 500V 
 7MS:L-N 330V, L-G 500V, N-G 500V 
 Duty cycle current  3KA
 Current  15A
 Frequency  Compatibility  60 Hz
 Output  Receptacles  NEMA 5-15R
 Outlet numbers  6
 Plug Type  No  (Wall Tap)
 Input Cord Length  No  (Wall Tap)
 Input Phase  Single-Phase
 TELCO PROTECTION  Connectors  2 Data Modules
 CERTIFICATIONS  Certifications  Tested to UL 498A, Second Edition dated 2008-01-23,
 including revisions through September 28, 2015, 
 UL 1449, Fourth Edition dated 2014-08-20,
 including revisions through March 17, 2016.
 CSA C22.2 No. 42_10, Seventh Edition, 
 C22.2 No. 8_13, Fifth Edition,
 CSA Electrical Certification Notice 516
 RoHS Compliant

* Phone/Fax Protection - optional

  Network Protection - optional

  Coaxial Protection - optional