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Wall Tap Solution + Surge Protection 12-014

Singe Outlet Surge Wall Tap with USB Charger
  • Direct Plug-in for easy using with 125V working voltage
  • 1 outlet are rated at 1440 Joules max.
  • Super Safety and Super Quick reaction for Surge protection.
  • With 16R-007 plug-in, can protect same line from surge attack,
    even work with power strip, all the electronic device on power
    strip can be protected by 16R-007.
  • 2.4A USB Output, charging your mobile electronic equipment easily,
    no more USB adapter.


Special surge protection with 16R-007, compare with traditional power supply.

For normally power supply, once meet surge attack, it will cost few seconds to react surge protection, this low reaction speed will cause fire to burn whole product down, if set up with wood furniture or in child room, it will be very dangerous.

But with 16R-007, for your safer life,  the surge protection we use only cause milliseconds to react, not over 1s, this high speed reaction can make your life and environment better, decrease the fire risk happen, and use in any place without hesitation.


Even when you are in traveling, that's no necessary to carry more USB adapter, you can use other electronic and mobile device easily while charging.
Do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient outlet.


Your choice, 16R-007 is compact and lightweight, easy to carry and store, totally elegance.

 PRODUCT INFORMATION  Model no.   16R-007
 Color  Customization
 Material of Construction  Plastic
 Surge Protection  Yes - 1440 Joules Rating *SUPER RECATION for Surge Protection
 Voltage  125 Vac
 UL 1449 VPR  L-N 400V, N-G 500V, N-G 400V
 Nominal Discharge Current  3KA
 Current  15A
 Frequency Compatibility  50/60 Hz
 Output Receptacles  NEMA 5-15R
 Outlet numbers  3
 Plug Type  No  (Wall Tap)
 Input Cord Length   No  (Wall Tap)
 Input Phase  Single-Phase
 USB CHARGING  Ports  2 Extension USB Type A
 Output Voltage  5 Vdc
 Output Current, total  2.4A
 CERTIFICATIONS  Certifications  Tested to UL 1449, Fourth Edition, Latest Revised March 17, 2016
 CSA C22.2 No. 42_10, Seventh Edition
 CSA C22.2 No. 8-13, Fifth Edition; CSA Electrical Certification Notice 516,
 date September 2, 1986
 RoHS Compliant