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6 Outlets + RJ11/RJ45/Coaxial Protections S1003

Surge Protector Power Strip
  • 6 outlets are rated at 1500 Joules max
  • With Surge protection indicator light
  • Phone/Fax, Network, Coaxial Protection - Optional


  • With Surge protection indicator light, and master On/off switch, enhance Safety identification level, easily aware of
    product working situation.
  • It’s optional for Phone/Fax, Coaxial Protection, give you more safer life.


  • Just plug-in, from 1 outlets change to 6 Outlets with 125V working voltage, do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient outlet, feel free to use your electronic device in any time.
  • Click master switch to turn on/off to control whole power strip power.
  • The long wire of power strip solution can totally solve the short wire problem of using electronic device.
  • 6 outlets Power strip can combine with Phone/Fax, Coaxial (optional) together, only need one power strip, then can reach your protection and utility purpose, not by buying 3 or 4 protection devices to do it..


S1003 is compact, strong,  and easy design, it is good for office or home using.


 Model no.   S1003, S1003-03  S3002M
 Color  Customization  Customization
 Material of Construction  Plastic  Plastic
 Surge Protection  Yes - max. 1500 Joules Rating  Yes - max. 1500 Joules Rating
 Voltage  125Vac  125Vac
 UL 1449 VPR  L-N 400V, L-G 500V, N-G 500V      L-N 400V, L-G 500V, N-G 500V    
 Duty cycle current  3KA  3KA
 Current  15A  15A
 Frequency Compatibility  60 Hz  60Hz
 Output Receptacles  NEMA 5-15R  NEMA 5-15R
 Outlet numbers  6  6 or 7
 Plug Type  NEMA 5-15P  NEMA 5-15P
 Input Cord Length   1.5 FT to 25 FT  2 FT to 25 FT
 Input Phase  Single-Phase  Single-Phase
 TELCO PROTECTION  Connectors  2 or 3 RJ11   1 or 2 RJ11
 Clamping Level  6.0 - 8.2 Vdc  6.0 - 8.2 Vdc
 UNIVERSAL COAXIAL PROTECTION  Connections   F type 2 or 4  F type 1 or 2 
 CERTIFICATIONS  Certifications   UL 1363  UL 1363
 UL 1449  UL1449
 UL 497B, Fourth Edition("c")  UL 497B, Fourth Edition("c")
 UL 497A, 3rd Edition("F")  UL 497A, 3rd Edition("F")
 RoHS Compliant  RoHS Compliant

1 Master On/off switch 

*  Phone/Fax Protection - optional

   Coaxial Protection - optional